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13 dic 2016 - 14 dic 2016 7th french Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management

7th french Conference on…


The 7th edition of the international conference "Complex Systems Design & Management" (CSD&M) will take place with great success in December 2016 in Paris. This event was created by the French Center of Excellence on Systems Architecture, Management, Economy & Strategy (CESAMES) which already organized the now well established CSD&M conference in Europe for more than 5 years. The core principles that lead to the success of these conferences are also put at the heart of CSD&M , seeking a balance between academia, government and industry partners. Indeed, we believe that mastering complexity can only be achieved with a strong and true cooperation between all key stakeholders. We look very much forward to the participation of the complex systems community to this upcoming seventh edition of CSD&M. For full info on the conference click here.
18 gen 2017 - 20 gen 2017 ITA-SEC 2017 the First Italian Conference on Cybersecurity

ITA-SEC 2017 the First Italian…


ITA-SEC 2017First Italian Conference on CybersecurityThe Italian Conference on Cyber Security (ITA-SEC 2017) is a new annual event supported by the CINI Cyber Security National Laboratory that aims at putting together Italian researchers and professionals from academia, industry and government working in the field of cyber security. The conference will be structured into a main track on cyber security science and technology, a “fil rouge” track including a sequence of multidisciplinary sessions on a specific hot topic in cyber security and a demo track devoted to prototypes developed by industries, research centers and universities. The conference will also feature a few selected distinguished keynote speeches and panels.This year, the fil rouge track topic will be “Fostering Security Through Web-Based Intelligence: Tools, Opportunities and Inherent Limitationshttp://ita-sec2017.dais.unive.it/
23 gen 2017 - 24 gen 2017 BSLab-SYDIC International Workshop, Model-based Governance for Smart Organizational Future'

BSLab-SYDIC International…


WORKSHOP SCOPE AND CALL Today, the effective governance of any organisation - be it a government, a firm, a state-owned entity, or a charity - needs to be based on resilience, transparency, accountability, evidence of effectiveness. This need is stimulated by the all-encompassing public scrutiny of organisations, a trend that is continuously growing due to the advances in IT. This process has been described in terms of the emergence of technologies and practices of calculation in the context of governance. A common problem is that organisations frequently approach governance as a process of conforming strictly with rules and regulations instead of considering governance from a wider systemic perspective. In this workshop we call for both practical and theoretical research proposals for a better modeling of organizational systems as well of examples of successful application of model-based governance to any kind of organizational system. Link to workshop web page: http://bslab-symposium.net/BSLab-Sydic-2017/BSLAB-SYDIC-WS-Rome-2017.htm
23 apr 2017 - 26 apr 2017 International Symposium on Model-driven Approaches for Simulation Engineering (Mod4Sim)

International Symposium on…


Model-driven engineering approaches provide considerable advantages to software and systems engineering activities through the provision of consistent and coherent models at various abstraction levels. As these models are in a machine readable form, model-driven engineering approaches can also support the exploitation of computing capabilities for model reuse, code generation, model checking and test case generation, thus leading to a more productive modeling approach. Simulation engineering is the discipline that applies the principles of engineering and simulation science for designing and constructing simulation models, developing and maintaining their software implementations, and conducting simulation experiments. As simulations are basically software systems, they can similarly benefit from model-driven engineering approaches to support automatic code generation, enhance software quality, and reduce costs, development effort and time-to-market. At the same time, introducing simulation-based systems engineering as an extension of model-based systems engineering practices to also include simulation methods, offers the opportunity for a more comprehensive exploration of the design space by enabling systems engineers to predict system performance and behaviour, evaluate alternatives, run what-if scenarios or carry out sensitivity analysis. The Symposium on Model-driven Approaches for Simulation Engineering (Mod4Sim) brings together experts in model-based, model-driven software and systems engineering from embedded, cyber-physical and software-intensive systems domains with experts in simulation, with the objective to advance the state of the art in model-based simulation engineering and simulation-based systems engineering. The symposium is part of the SCS Spring Simulation (SpringSim) Multi-Conference 2017, held on April 23-26, 2017 at Virginia Beach, VA, USA.
09 lug 2017 - 14 lug 2017 20th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control

20th World Congress of the…


IFAC 2017 World Congress, Toulouse, France The 20th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control, 9-14 July 2017Open invited track: Title : Open issues and Trends for Model Based Systems -and System of Systems- Engineering IFAC Technical Committee for evaluation: TC 5.2 "Manufacturing Modelling for Management and Control" Track proposed by: Eric Bonjour (Université de Lorraine), Vincent Chapurlat (Ecole des Mines d’Alès), Carlo Leardi (Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions S.p.A.), Alfredo Garro (University of Calabria, Italy), Frédérique Mayer (Université de Lorraine), Jean-Claude Roussel (Airbus Group Innovation, INCOSE Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa Sector) Scientific and industrial support: AFIS / INCOSE-EMEA Abstract. Systems Engineering (SE) is an engineering discipline whose responsibility is creating and executing an interdisciplinary process to ensure that the customer and stakeholder's needs are satisfied in a high quality, trustworthy, cost efficient and schedule compliant manner throughout a system's entire life cycle (INCOSE 2015). Key characteristics of Systems Engineering processes are that they are collaborative, iterative, model-based. These processes may concern (or be adapted to) the design of systems with various levels of complexity including Systems of Systems (SoS). It is then called SoSE. SE and SoSE processes, methods and tools are either overlapped or interfaced with other domains such as project management or dependability. A current trend in SE is to develop Model-Based approaches representing and highlighting how requested stakeholders’ expectations and requested systems’ values are taken into consideration, by means of operational, functional, logical, physical… “views”. Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) enables designers to define and to manipulate various kinds of system models e.g. for analyzing system architecture or simulating the system behavior with interrelated models in order to verify that the requirements are met (INCOSE 2007). The aim of this open invited track is to gather international state-of-the-art research results and case studies, and to explore new Systems Engineering and System of Systems Engineering directions and emerging trends. We invite authors to submit high quality contributions describing significant, original, and unpublished results. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to: - Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Model-Based System of Systems Engineering (MBSoSE) - Requirements authoring and Verification: passing from Stakeholders’ requirements to System requirements in MBSE or MBSoSE context - From Stakeholders’ expected values to Systems Values: how to evaluate? - Architecting Systems to Address Multiple Stakeholder Values - Model-Based Safety Assessment for SE - Non Functional properties in Architecting and Design processes: issues on native Resilient, Robust, Interoperable, Safe and Maintainable Systems - Product lines engineering (product family design) based on SE principles - Early verification and early validation considering Value notion



Aperte le iscrizioni al CIISE’16

04 ottobre 2016
Aperte le iscrizioni al CIISE’16. Sono aperte le iscrizioni alla seconda Conferenza INCOSE Italia su Systems Engineering (CIISE'16), che si svolgerà… Continua a leggere

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Secondo AISE Chapter Meeting

20 settembre 2016
Secondo AISE Chapter Meeting. Dopo il successo della prima edizione, che ha visto la partecipazione della maggioranza dei Soci attivi dell'Associazione,… Continua a leggere

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26 agosto 2016
Swissed16. Si terrà il 12 Settembre a Zurigo l'edizione 2016 della conferenza Swissed, organizzata dal capitolo Svizzero di INCOSE. Una nuova brochure,… Continua a leggere

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7th french Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management

dal 13 dicembre 2016 alle 09:00 al 14 dicembre 2016 alle 17:00

7th french Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management

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