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NATO CAX Forum 2016

dal 20 settembre 2016 alle 08:30
al 23 settembre 2016 alle 17:14
IABG premises, Ottobrunn

The 11th NATO Computer Assisted Exercise Forum (NATO CAX Forum 2016) is now only 3 months ahead.

The event will be organized by the NATO Modelling and Simulation Centre Of Excellence (NATO M&S COE), and Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH (IABG) together with the German Bundeswehr from September 20th to 23rd 2016.
We would appreciate your interest in this NATO-expert conference about CAX and wargaming.
Unfortunately some unforeseen circumstances, lying outside Forum management responsibility, forced to give up the planned conference location at German Air Force Officer School in FUERSTENFELDBRUCK. As a compensation NATO CAX Forum 2016 is now planned to be hosted at the IABG premises in OTTOBRUNN, September 20th – 23rd 2016. It is the same location in the south eastern outskirts of Munich as in 2010, standing about 30 km east of FUERSTENFELDBRUCK and allowing the exploitation of the same MUNICH International Airport for possible arrivals by air.
All past conference registrations will be kept active, however you are kindly asked to revise your hotel reservation, if already done. Together with the Registration and Presentation Submission Forms to be downloaded and used, you will find the updated information about on the conference web site

This invitation message is specifically addressed to you, should you wish and be able to attend the event. We also encourage those who attend to participate by either giving presentations and/or demonstrations on CAX related topics. In this connection, dedicated booths will also be available for the demonstrations of CAX and simulation related products by commercial organizations, military and civilian entities.
As usual, a full session will be dedicated to National Simulation Centres, their activities and the possible synergies among them and main NATO training institutions like the NATO Joint Warfare Centre and the NATO Joint Force Training Centre.
Potential tracks that might populate the Forum program, in accordance with the previous year tracks, as follows:
Collective Training and Exercises
• C2-Sim Interoperability
• NATO/ National M&S Tools
• Cyber Domain Sim
• Urban Environment Training Challenges
• Emergency/Crisis Management
• MSaaS for Training
• Human Capital in CAX
• CAX Lessons Learned Process
• Simulating Logistics and Sustainability
• Hybrid Warfare Modelling for Exercises
• Sim Centres Cooperation
• M&S V&V for Wargaming

We understand that you can’t assure your participation right now, but we would be really grateful if you could only let us know your intention/possibility to attend the event. Your immediate feedback on this point will not be considered as a commitment at all from you, but it will allow us the appropriate arrangements accordingly.
Please note again that the conference week coincides with the first week of the famous “Oktoberfest”. This essentially affects the availability as well as the prices of all accommodation in the Munich area. Immediate booking is strongly recommended.

To submit a proposal for a presentation or a demonstration please complete the form, and fax, mail or e-mail it to the following NATO M&S COE Points of Contact address below no later than August 26th , 2016.
Lt.Col. Stefano GIACOMOZZI/ Lt.Col. Jan HODICKY
Address: Piazza Villoresi 1, 00143 Rome, Italy
Commercial: +39 06 4691 4360/4363
NCN: 039 202 4360/4363
Fax: +39 06 4691 4299

The IABG organization team for the CAX Forum 2016 can be reached via:

Apologies for this unforeseeable location changing inconvenience and hope to see you nevertheless in September in OTTOBRUNN.

Warm regards,

The NATO CAX Forum Management Staff

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