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MOSIM 2018

dal 27 giugno 2018 alle 09:00
al 29 giugno 2018 alle 18:00

Established in 1997, the MOSIM conference is a forum for exchange between researchers, lecturer and industrials active in the field of modelling, optimization and simulation of systems. The 2018 edition will take place at the ISAE-SUPAERO in Toulouse. The guiding theme is: how connected systems will shape industry and services tomorrow.

A special Systems Engineering session has been issued by AFIS and AISE VVT working groups:

Session: Modelling, Simulation, Proof techniques and tools for Early
Verification and Validation in System Engineering: How demonstrating
and justifying a designed system meets systems’ and stakeholders’ values
and requirements?
Session proposed by: Vincent Chapurlat (IMT Mines Alès), Nicolas Daclin (IMT Mines
Alès), Patrick Estève (AFIS), Carlo Leardi (Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions S.p.A., AISE)
Systems Engineering (SE) aims to make available complex systems. This complexity must be
managed in confidence involving all requested stakeholder (customers, users, business actors) in a
collaborative and iterative way. The purpose is to design and realize a successful System of
Interest (SoI) that meets stakeholders’ requirements in a high quality, trustworthy, cost and
schedule compliant manner. In this way, SE is first a processes-oriented approach. These processes
guide stakeholders during the SoI’s design and realisation phases taking consideration of its life
cycle. Various processes are identified and focus on requirements or architectures engineering, on
design verification and validation (V&V), on system integration, on system V&V after integration,
on project management or else, on SoI configurations management. Second, SE promotes and
argues the use of a Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach. Lastly, SE forms the basis
of methods and tools that support systemic principles, modelling, V&V of models, requirements
and architectures.

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