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International CAE Conference

dal 17 ottobre 2016 alle 09:00
al 18 ottobre 2016 alle 17:03
Paganini Congressi, Parma, Via Toscana, 5/a

International CAE conference, 2016 (Parma)
"Fostering a synergistic environment in engineering simulation

This influential, annual flagship for Simulation based Engineering and Sciences is a seminal event for all sector stakeholders covering industry, academia, research and software vendors. For over two days delegates will participate in an enriching environment within which to experience current and new technological challenges, to network and share experiences with their peers and to explore new business scenarios. In a nutshell International CAE Conference is the ideal event and venue to discuss the increasing relevance of "Simulation Based Engineering and Sciences" and your opportunity to be part of the synergistic environment in engineering simulation.
Special session shall be dedicated to synergies among CAE methodologies and Systems Engineering.

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