Gruppo di Lavoro VVT

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Gruppo di Lavoro Verifica, Validazione e Test

Verification, Validation and Testing is an historical as well as established area of Engineering and one of the key processes of the Systems Engineering. An operative, pragmatic workgroup of the Italian Systems Engineers could foster this role value and the system success in our environment.


Highlight and enhance the Italian Systems Engineers capabilities and role in the verification, validation and testing processes.


The Italian SE practitioners in the Verification, Validation and testing area are well recognized and integrated into the international SE community. SE V&V processes relevance empowered by an operative and well interconnected network of Systems Engineers.


Share approaches and experiences.

Identify and exploit pragmatic common opportunities.

Produce and address relevant support documents, information, methodologies and tools.

Connect with international VVT community and in particular with the Incose V&V workgroup.

Define and empower the profile and the role of the VVT practitioner in the SE community and through the overall system life-time.


All the regular Members of the Italian Chapter of Incose practicing, fond of or interested to Verification Validation and Testing topics.

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Membri del gruppo

  • Carlo Leardi

    Carlo Leardi

  • Gaetano Cutrona

    Gaetano Cutrona

  • Luca Stringhetti

    Luca Stringhetti

  • Sara Ricciardi

    Sara Ricciardi


  • Carlo Leardi

    Responsabile del Gruppo di Lavoro VVT
    Carlo Leardi

  • Luca Stringhetti

    Responsabile del Gruppo di Lavoro VVT
    Luca Stringhetti