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Ist VVTWG webinar: “Requirements Validation”

16 gennaio 2017 | Carlo Leardi

Ist VVTWG webinar “Requirements
, Monday 23rd January 2017

The Verification, Validation and test Working Group
organizes a series of webinars to share and advance the knowledge and the
application of the Systems Engineering in Italy.

Agenda (duration 1.30 hs.

<!–[endif]–>Introduction: requirements validation
fundamentals: Incose resources and references sharing 10 mins.

<!–[endif]–>Simulation-Based Verification of Systems Requirements”,
instructors: prof. Dr.Ing Alfredo Garro (University of Calabria), Italy, 30
mins + 10 mins discussion

<!–[endif]–>Round robin 40 minutes (everyone)

In order to participate to
the meeting please connect with carlo.leardi@incose.org

See you soon,

Alfredo, Carlo,
Claudia, Luca e Sara

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